Recent posts

We’re pleased to say that what you’re currently reading here is our newly launched website and naturally, we’re very pleased with it.

Going forward we will keep this website updated with a combination of projects we’re involved in and news about the business itself. But let’s get something straight, at CES Surveyors our focus is our clients and the good quality work we do for them, so forgive us if the news content is a little sparce on occasions…we’re probably busy handling client projects.

We will be linking some of our content through our social media channels, so if you get a chance, please click through from the likes of Linkedin etc, it will bring you back to this site where you can read at your leisure. Our guarantee is that whatever we put up will be relevant to the business, the projects we’re working on or the people involved with the business. We will not be posting ‘news’ about what we’ve had for our dinner.

What we will be posting about how CES Surveyors are built on three simple principles. The quality of work we do, professionalism in the way we do it, and the consistent customer focused approach that we take at every turn.

So, for the minute, all that’s left to say right now is thank you for reading this, and thank you to those that have been supportive of CES Surveyors in the past, and all the very best for the coming year.